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Tennis Elbow the causes & the treatment

Over the years many clients have come to me with the niggles & aches of tennis elbow.  The name of course comes from the injuries sustained due to overuse in tennis, however there are other reasons for it and sometimes rest is best. There are however alternative...


Exercising Outdoors

It's August and with holidays being cancelled left right and centre, the last few months has forced us to embrace the beauty that's right on our own doorstep.  With all it's negative effects I'm sure most of us have pulled a few positives during lockdown. Spending...


Cardio Vs Weights

Now this is an interesting! Although dealing with heart health in this article, I would also say from my PT & group training observations over the years that I've been in this industry, that a cross training style of fitness training produces the BEST results, for...


Helping our immune system

What lies between us and covid19 or any virus for that matter is our immune system. What we’re eating at the moment is extremely important plus getting enough vitamin D (especially those with darker skins). But there are other factors that affect our immune response,...


The Minefield of Supplements

The minefield of supplements Do you take supplements? How do you know what your body is deficient in if at all? Do you go by your symptoms & go into google overdrive to find the solution/preventative or cure? Do you go on the advice of others (friends perhaps)...


Epsom Sea Salts – time to relax

With it being Mental Health Awareness week. How about using sometime in lock down to reflect on the busy lives we’ve been so used to living.  Racing around & stressing ourselves out by cramming way too much into our day. Stress can be a major cause of mental...


TBF Updates – Lockdown week 8

  WE RAISED A MASSIVE £800 FOR THE NHS ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS  A big thank you to everyone who donated towards Saturdays Masterclass, I'm chuffed with the response and the feedback on the class was awesome.  I think the structured 15 minutes covering all aspects,...


Sleep & immune system

Picture Diet and exercise is always the focus when it comes to health, the other often overlooked element is sleep. Sleep is so so important for rest and repair and to balance all our body systems. It’s well known that all our cells in the body work...


Seeing as hygiene is HIGH on the agenda let's look at some natural hygiene methods to help our organs flush out the rubbish and cope better with infection. Lungs - keep the window open at night (when everything gets repaired), to get fresh movement of air.  Also if...



Good afternoon everyone, So how has week 1 been for you all? It's such a strange time and will take some getting used to there's no doubt about that. I think the key is structure as I'm sure you'll agree. This first week has no doubt been a lot of lazing about,...

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