What’s harder to get fit or to stay fit?

To get fit and stay fit doesn’t just revolve around exercise.  How about we view this as ‘get healthy and stay healthy’ as a better choice of words don’t you think?  Whichever way you look at it we need to look at the bigger picture and understand that with one small change comes another small change, and one by one these changes increase over time to make us a better version of ourselves.  Overwhelming yourself with too may goals at once can be daunting and more often than not lead to us derailing, which then leads to lack of motivation to get back on track.

Over time poor choices and lack of movement can lead to all sorts of complications further down the line.  We have to find a way to make daily changes and replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones which become ingrained into our daily lives helping us become healthier, happier and therefore able to feel fitter.  Rome wasn’t built in a day remember

I’ve been running my Reset programmes now for almost 6 years and every time I run one I learn new things and are able to tweak the programmes to help you find the motivation you need to Get Healthier and Stay that way.  Focusing on nutrition, fitness, mindset, motivation and wellbeing these programmes can help you more than you think. A quick fix isn’t the answer, it’s about understanding the bigger picture and all the things that impact our overall health.

so….. whether you’re new or have done programmes with me in the past, are looking to loose a few pounds or increase your fitness, get your confidence back and re-boot your energy levels.  Whatever your reason I’ll be running another 4 week programme pre summer in June and would love you to join me.

In the meantime here are some tips to get you started:

  • Stay hydrated aiming for 2 litres of water per day
  • Eat colours of the rainbow to ensure you boost your immunity
  • Eat protein with every meal to help reduce snacking
  • Get your carbohydrates from root veg and greens as well as your pulses and grains
  • Get plenty of sleep 7-8 hrs
  • Move every day even if it’s a choice of stairs over a lift
  • Make time for you every day even if it’s 15 minutes – do something you enjoy

This list just goes on with plenty of tips and advice to follow.  ARE YOU IN?

If you’re interested email me direct and I’ll add your name to the list and keep you posted with details to follow.  email [email protected]




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