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28 Day Weightloss & Motivation programme for busy lifestyles
Are you ready to shift the lock down pounds, regain your fitness & feel less bloated and re-energised?  I’ll be arming you with the tools to not only loose the weight but maintain it in the future.
*Nutrition advice to create a calorie deficit using tracking or for the busier lifestyles, balanced calorie counted meal ideas
*20 x 10 minute workouts focusing on a different area each week
*Training advice and motivation to keep your fitness levels up and aid your weightloss journey
*Challenges, Goal setting & Accountability to keep you motivated and on track
*Daily Coaching in a private group
*Other tips & advice to help you change old habits and ingrain new ones
Starts 14 September
Cost £56 or Early Bird Booking before 10 September £45
Payment via Bacs and email confirmation once payment has been made to
Total Body Co Uk Ltd
Lloyds TSB
Nutrition & weightloss

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