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What is different about Paracise™?

We trust proven brands and we like to know what we are letting ourselves in for.

Paracise fills a gap in the market for gentle effective fitness, wherever you go in the UK you are assured the class will be 45 minutes of standing exercise to music working first on breathing, posture and balance.

“Boomerang” we want you to come back for more so we have chosen an inspiring playlist to captivate and motivate our audience.

20 million people in the UK do not exercise, why?

Paracise™ delivers a “feel good factor” that ensures you want to do it again & again & again!​

Working at your own pace we encourage you to appreciate what your body CAN do and how small changes can make big improvements to your day to day life.

Gentle on the joints yet stimulating to muscle memory this workout is for those of us who need exercise delivered at an intensity and speed we can safely achieve our goals.

Paracise™ can dramatically improve your mental and physical well being, what are you waiting for? see you at a class soon!

Paracise runs every Tuesday and Thursday 11-11.45 am at Warlingham Methodist Church.

No need to book just turn up and pay as you go £5.



We also run a coffee morning every month. An opportunity to meet other community members.


Fitness Pilates via Zoom every Monday & Wednesday at 9.30am Thursdays 7.00pm