As we hit a new month it time to plan your diaries and get your classes and passes sorted for the month.  Grab now, or of course if you’re away, purchase at any time this month with the view to using the pass before the 1st May.

A reminder that tomorrows Strength & Core class with Danielle is at the earlier time of 6pm so if you get a chance do go along and join her.   Here’s a short clip from Danielle from my facebook page for anyone who’s not yet met her ….


For anyone new and recently signed up to the newsletter then don’t forget your first session with us is FREE.

All classes are running this week so don’t forget to book please.  Boxfit we need to hike up these numbers guys so if you can make it or are planning on coming get your names down or DM me if last minute and I can book you in.

Ideas for takeaway workouts

If you’ve been following me on facebook and instagram you’ll see I’ve done a couple of workout ideas you can take away on your Easter break to keep you ticking over.  There’s another to come this week so if you’re not following me here’s the link to the last two on facebook or check out tbf_fitness on Instagram.

In the meantime check out video 1 & 2 which I’ve uploaded to youtube with a short break down of what to do.  These workouts can be worked with different timings depending on how much you have and are the perfect way to stay on top of your fitness while away!

Mini workout idea 1

Mini Workout Idea 1

That’s all for class news folks. Attached is the April timetable and follow this link to book your space

Easter Baking Ideas

This week I want to get my baking mits on and am going to attempt making my favourites tomorrow ‘Healthy flap jacks’ and will be throwing it all in to get the BEST I can.  I’ll be sharing my success or disaster (whichever way it turns) on facebook and insta so keep an eye out.

Are you baking up any easter treats over the next couple of weeks?

If so what are you baking this easter?

I’d love you to share on my Total Body Fitness facebook page any recipe ideas and pics or videos too so we can create a little collage of Easter recipe ideas🐣

SHARING IS CARING so get baking everyone.

Have a great week

Lindsay x



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