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Good evening everyone, Right I'm up and running finally. It's been an around the clock task but I think I'm there. Today sadly saw the last of my indoor classes but I feel it's the right thing to do and in line of what is expected in terms of social distancing in...


Covid – 19 Update

Hi Everyone, As promised, I have been paying very close attention to advice given by government and health officials and as there is now a request to follow a social distancing policy, I have to take further action.  With many public places on shut down do now have to...


Covid – 19 Planning & Tips

Good morning ….. troubling times ahead? As valued members of my TBF community, I wanted to let you know my plans moving forward with the spread of the virus. I want to ensure you that I will continue to support you as valued members and loyal follows to my business. I...


Strong over Skinny

So many weight loss programmes, no matter how it's packaged as a positive thing, has a ring in it's tone that we're not good enough. I promote weight loss yes, it’s part of overall good health, but I've moved on over the years from allowing this to be the main focus...


Colourful foods

🍅Colourful Foods🍅 My sons recently are both taking a real interest in their nutrition just lately and how what they eat can help enhance their performance and overall health.  The most recent question from my youngest, ‘mum why are carrots good for you?’ this lead me...


Integrating interval training

We've all heard of HIIT, Tabata training, interval training...... Short bursts of high energy exercises followed by a period of active recovery.  Whether you're a runner, a swimmer, a team player in a team sport, the benefits of interval training can aid performance. ...


Weekly news & blog – Understanding your triggers & frustrations

How many weight loss or fitness programmes have you been involved in, yet never got the desired outcome?  Have you found yourself becoming frustrated, despondent having pushed yourself to the limit in the process to hit your end goal?  How about when your mate/partner...


New Years Resolutions

It's the one time each year we sit back and take stock of the past years events.  Look at what we can change to make our lives less stressful, healthier, happier, safer.  Whether you set yourself a challenge, a new years resolution, a plan of action, there needs to be...


New Goals for 2020

Good evening everyone, Well a full on workday for me. Busy on social media and setting myself new goals for 2020. I haven't stopped but it's exactly what I needed to get in the swing of the new year. How about you? Ready to get back in the game, take the reins and...

Why do women take longer to lose weight than men ….

It's a tough one ladies but loosing weight can be such a different experience for everyone.  We're all different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. Men and women have different physiology for a start. Men lose weight quicker than women...


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