It’s the one time each year we sit back and take stock of the past years events.  Look at what we can change to make our lives less stressful, healthier, happier, safer.  Whether you set yourself a challenge, a new years resolution, a plan of action, there needs to be an end goal.  Sometimes we set ourselves goals that are so high, and quite often unrealistic within the timescale set, that all we end up doing is getting so stressed about the whole thing we end up throwing the towel in.  Back to square one and another year passes.

Now I’m not saying New Years Resolutions are a waste of time, totally the opposite….  It’s a great way to re focus and start the new year with a positive mindset and many people achieve their goals.  It’s how we go about achieving our end goal that will determine the outcome.  Take weight loss for instance, probably one of the most popular new years resolutions.  Setting an unrealistic goal in such a short space of time could be the difference between success and failure.

How I encourage my online groups to tackle their weight loss goals is to take it in bite sized chunks.  An end goal is in sight but we need to look at how we get there without being overwhelmed or miserable in the process.  What are the things that take us away from our weight loss goals from better health. Is there a habitual pattern we can recognise that often sends us off track and into mindless eating or loss of motivation.

So we journal, brain dump and create a huge list and then break the list down to find ways we can tackle the obstacles step by step.  Setting daily simple challenges such as hydration, sleep care, no snacking, 10,000 steps, 15 minutes fitness, are all habits we can start ingraining over time to help reach our weight loss goals.

Taking each day as a new day with a new goal, each week as a new week…. That way, over time new habits will form and we get further to our end goal.  It’s not a race, Rome wasn’t built in a day, The Tortoise always wins over the Hare.  So if you fall off track with your goals, sit back reflect, write a list and re-focus.

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Class Updates

Firstly apologies to anyone who thought Fitness Pilates was cancelled last night, it was on but the notice hadn’t been removed from the website.

All classes are running next week and Farleigh golf Club isn’t available so we will be at different venues this week

Weds class was so busy I have arranged to split Wednesdays class into two 50 minute sessions.  Everyone who came this week has indicated which class they will be attending and it’s a pretty even split so thanks for that. For anyone else planning to come Wednesday there will be a 9.15am and 10.00am class running both at St Ambrose church (tbc), Warren Road Warlingham.  Mondays class will run as one class, 9.30am in Warlingham Village Hall, opposite the Horseshoe.

Clothing Order

The order goes off this evening so should be with us by the end of next week.

5 Day Butt Breaker Challenge

All the links are now uploaded on my youtube channel so if you didn’t join me this week then you can throw yourself into some glute toning in your own time

Nothing left to report apart from see you tomorrow morning for our 8.30am Ultimate Fat Burn. A repeat of last weeks line training !

Happy Friday everyone xx

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