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Joined numerous slimming clubs? Achieved results only to slip back to old habits?

I’m often asked friends, family members, and clients: What about this diet? What should I do about this symptom? What about this medication, do you think it’s affecting my lack of results?

I’m no medical professional but I do know that individuals respond differently to medications, fad diets, fitness fashions bla bla bla …….

To become the very best version of you both physically & mentally involves addressing not just nutrition & fitness but other lifestyle factors.

There’s one thing I do know, we can certainly give ourselves a head start to good health by putting things into place as a preventative to poor health.  These things are often just very simple. 

I’m sure you’ve heard them time and time again but the fact is, repetition and re-enforcing daily habits, over time will have beneficial long term effects.

In KICK START we call these the BIG ROCKS.

  • Get enough sleep. 6-8 hours of restful sleep is crucial to a healthy based lifestyle.  Reducing stress, brainfog, mood swings, crazy food cravings – only to mention a few.
  • Move your body throughout the day. Whether it’s a fitness class, running, cycling or even a brisk walk, staying active will not only release the good endorphins (feel good hormones) but will create a calorie deficit.  Energy in versus energy out is the key to weightloss.
  • Eat well — a healthy well balance diet consisting of good fats, protein and healthy carbs. Avoiding processed and sugary foods.  Keeping an eye on portion control & be mindful when eating not to rush your food.
  • Plenty of water throughout the day starting with a large glass each morning to fire up the system and avoid dehydration during the day.  Dehydration can lead to fatigue, injury & simply our bodies won’t function as well mentally or physically
  • Stress reduction – do things that make you happy and surround yourself with positive people.  Interact socially. Isolation is not good for the body, soul or mind.  Make time to relax and reflect on the positive things in your life as appose to the negative.
  • Take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for.

So the question is my friends, do you want to be part of this journey of health?

Kick Start Programmes

Our programmes vary from 7 days and up to 90 day programmes and are designed to form good habits, improve your health, hormonal balance & overall wellbeing, all of which result in amazing fat loss results & you becoming the very best version of you!

The programmes are online which means anyone can sign up.
Shorter programmes – These focus on detoxing the bodies digestive system, re-nourishing with clean nutritious foods & ramping up the metabolic system to create fat loss results fast!
Longer programmes – How do we truly change our lifestyle for longer-term PERMANENT health benefits & fat loss?  This isn’t about demonizing foods it’s about finding a pattern whereby you live by the 80/20 rule and can allow yourself wiggle room at the weekends.

I will coach you & give you the tools you can implement into your daily routine to not only get the results but to learn how to maintain them.

Fat loss isn’t just about points & calories, endless hours of exercise or cutting carbs & fats. Kick Start will take you on an educational journey and help you understand what your body needs to get optimum results and how certain foods contribute to the way we feel.

We address other contributing factors to weight loss such as sleep, stress, hormones and gut health only to mention a few all of which are major contributing factors to successful and sustainable weight loss



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