How many weight loss or fitness programmes have you been involved in, yet never got the desired outcome?  Have you found yourself becoming frustrated, despondent having pushed yourself to the limit in the process to hit your end goal?  How about when your mate/partner is following that exact same plan and sailed through with amazing results.  All those self limiting beliefs start kicking in and, ‘what the hell, I may as well not bother’ Then boom ! you go into default mode and through in the towel.

Have you ever actually thought that it’s nothing to do with how hard you’ve tried or how determined you’ve been to complete the programme. Fact of the matter is….. If there were a magic programme that fitted us all then we’d all be a picture of health and losing weight would be a breeze.  Keeping weight off even easier.

The equation for weight loss is simple and there’s no getting away from it. Eat less and move more. No one can argue that.  However there are so many factors that can affect the rate at which we get the results we want.  Quite often, if not addressed, they can stand in the way of us hitting our end goal.

Age, gender, fitness levels, menopause, stress levels, sleep quality, medication, and so the list goes on.  We need to understand where we are in our lives as to what programme realistically will work the best for us as an individual. For instance, let’s take a simple example.

Sally, 35  with two young kiddies, a full time job & racing around trying to scrap together more hours in the day. Tired due to lack of sleep and desperately wanting time out with family/friends to just have fun or chill perhaps.  Embarks on a programme, results aren’t forming quickly, she’s on a rollacoaster of ups and downs and frequently feels like throwing the towel in.  She persists though, and over time slowly slowly she starts to see results, becomes more focused, determined and confident to continue along in the slow/middle lane. She accepts that each day is a new day and that she is moving towards better health


Heidi, 35 single, full time job and loving her career and in a great relationship. Spends time in the gym when she can and plenty of social time with friends. Aims for 8 hrs sleep and no real stresses in life.  Now this is hypothetically of course. I don’t think I know anyone with no stress in life these days !

Heidi is already on a winning streak as she can manage her own time factoring in food prep, fitness, sleep, relaxation and fun around her own schedule.  Embarks on a programme and instantly starts seeing results spurring her on to continue until she meets her end goal.

Both girls get there in the end.  My point being, if we’re realistic about the goals we set ourselves in life and the factors that could affect that, then results are round the corner & our confidence will increase.  Working out our triggers and how to move away from default mode, learning what feels right for us as individuals, pulling on the wins not the negatives are key to our success and self motivation.  In the end we can all hit our goals.


Moving on with the weekly news. All classes are running to schedule and in the normal venues starting with Mondays Fitness Pilates where we are back at Farleigh.  For all my new ladies and gents you will find the timetable on the website & all classes are a no booking process with pay as you go options or come Feb how about buying a discounted monthly pass.

A reminder Lee runs the strength circuits class Thursdays at 7.30pm at Whyteleafe School. This is still to be added to the timetable.

Free 7 Day Body Blitz Challenge –Starting Monday 3 Feb

This is a new concept for me which I want to trial in the hope you can give me your feedback on how it worked for you.  Unlike the usual programmes via facebook I’m running the group as a whatsapp group.  Not everyone is a keen facebook user and whatsapp is becoming more popular with these shorter programmes. Easily accessible and so simple for me to leave daily voice notes to help keep you motivated.  You don’t need to be bothered with constant notifications as you simply turn off the notifications and jump in at a time that suits you to pick up the daily links. I’ve been trialling this with the other kick start franchises and it’s working really well. I’d love you to join me and give your feedback.  All I ask in return is to SHARE SHARE SHARE via facebook.

7 Daily workouts delivered the evening before, plus a couple of daily tips via voice notes helping you keep on top of your fitness & nutrition. Simple, doable and something everyone can get involved in.

SO WHO’S IN?  Click on the link to join and grab a space

That’s it from me this week. Have a great week ahead peeps and see you in class xx

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