Finding a healthy balance in life isn’t easy.  Whether nutrition, fitness or work/life balance there are always obstacles in the way and way too much confusing and conflicting information.

Take Nutrition for example. It’s been said that there are no bad foods, only bad diets. I suppose if you simply ate a wide range of mostly healthy foods and didn’t eat too much, you’d probably wind up eating a fairly healthy diet.  The problem is we’re faced with so much choice of natural and processed foods some of us find we go overboard with the processed stuff. Studies show that the more choices we have, the more we eat. So, more variety can lead to a healthy, well-balanced diet—but only if you’re making the most of your selections from a range of healthy items to begin with.  There needs to be a good balance though… if we eat only what we class as ‘healthy foods’, this can lead to food fatigue which in turn pushes us back into overeating all those highly processed and sugary foods.

Same with fitness, we need to find balance in the type of fitness we do over time.  Mixing up your training will not only avoid boredom but challenge the body to work different muscle groups and the cardiovascular system at different levels.  Not to mention the ageing process, menopause, hormonal changes, injury…… We need to balance out the hard core, high intensity training with strength, core, flexibility and mindfulness workouts and this balance can change at any one time as we age. It’s important to listen to your body and find the balance that works best for you.

Happy Sunday everyone xx


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