Good afternoon everyone,

Today’s email is full of class info for the coming months. There will be an email going out to anyone who’s gone MIA over the last 3-4 months offering a BIG FAT DISCOUNT on a monthly class pass, so keep your eyes peeled as we’re about to move into October and it’s time to get our arses into gear for (dare I say it) Christmas 🎄

Fitness Pilates
Please note that we don’t have Farleigh next week so Monday’s class will be at Warlingham Village Hall (opp Horseshoe) and Weds class is most likely at the Douglas Brunton Centre Caterham on the Hill. It’s currently being refurbished and I can’t get in there to view it until Monday so will confirm then.

New classes
Thanks for all the feedback re new classes for the TBF TIMETABLE. Starting in October we are launching a new class with a new instructor, Lee.

Starting 24 Oct
Strength Circuits will be on a Thursday 7.30-8.30pm at Whyteleafe School.
Moving away from the cardio this class focuses on strength and core

Lee will be coming along on Weds 16 to take the 7pm HIIT class and say hi. In the meantime I asked him to give us a little info and a pic…. Looks strong that’s for sure 😳

My name is Lee Wilkinson. I am a Level 4 personal trainer who specializes in weight loss, muscle gain and rehabilitation. I love teaching all sorts of classes. Main classes are boxercise, kettlebells, HIIT and circuits. I’m looking forward to joining the team and bringing you a strength based class to help tone and increase muscular strength and endurance. Strength training not only helps with posture but also helps improve bone density. I look forward to meeting you next month.

There was also demand for an evening Activation LBT class on the weds so I’m looking to run two 45 min classes which I hope will offer a mix of class type and offer flexibility for those not able to make the earlier class. I’m looking to start this up in January so spread the word. The two classes will be:

Body Blitz – a condensed version of UFB
LBT Activation

One will run 7-7.45 the other 7.45-8.45 (undecided which one will be first) I may even alternate weekly so that everyone gets a good chance of attending at least twice a month. Or for the unlimited hardcore fitness fanatics the opportunity to do a double whammy

By the way if anyone has a heavy kettlebell or barbell they fancy getting rid of PM me as I’m looking to purchase some additional equipment for the strength class.

So, that covers it as far as classes go.

Since starting elevate at the beginning of the month there have been several enquiries from those who missed the start or away asking whether they can join for the remaining 8 weeks. I’ve had a good think and bearing in mind we still have 8 weeks to go and each week has a new focus, I’m going to open up one final window to join us for October and November.

So, if you’re ready to get your nutrition and fitness back on track in time for the festivities here’s your chance. We’ve already had some amazing results in our first 4 weeks and with daily workouts and weekly meal plans (for those wanting a more structured approach) we hit the first week in October with Mid Section Meltdown.


Cost – £97
You’ve got until Sunday to sign up but the sooner the better as you’ll need to get prepped and ready over the weekend. As soon as we’ve received payment you’ll be added to the group and emailed everything you need for a Monday start.

So, I leave you with your weekend. Tomorrow is our last session outside so hope to see you in the park for 8.30am

Have a good one

Lindsay xx

Westhall Road Warlingham warlingham cr6 UNITED KINGDOM
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