It comes to most of us at some stage in our lives….. getting to a point in your life for whatever reason, where your health becomes paramount.  It’s niggling away daily that you need to make some lifestyle changes in order to live a  longer, happier healthier life.

Whether you’re looking at starting this whole process or simply ways to stay healthy, the list can be endless and  sometimes overwhelming.  Looking for the right information, the most effective methods, what gets results fast can sometimes put our mindset into complete reverse mode.

With any nutrition or fitness programme there is always a skeleton to work with, and initially results will happen quickly….  But over and beyond that it’s time and patience that get long sustainable results.

Realistic goals and making small daily changes all add up over time to create amazing results not just physically but mentally too.  We need to get to a place where our health and wellness becomes part of our daily lives. Ingraining good habits without feeling deprived or miserable.  My point being, yes we set the wheels in motion with sometimes a more intense programme to form results, but ultimately where we go from there is key to staying healthy.

No more yo yo dieting or exercising, No demonising foods, No binge eating at weekends……

Our Kick Start programmes advocate good health, wellness & fitness.  Each person is an individual with their own agenda, life challenges and preconceptions of what good health actually is. We give you the tools to help you work towards a healthier lifestyle and these along with daily coaching, mini workouts and nutritional advice help create a better version of YOU.

The next programme ‘SUPER SUMMER PREP’  starts on 13 May and is a 4 week online programme. For the full details click on the link below.

In the meantime try implementing some of these healthy tips into your week

Drinking plenty of water. Sometimes we mistake de-hydration with hunger

Start your day with a large glass of water and a protein rich breakfast. Protein keeps you fuller for longer and will prevent you from snacking

Go for three balanced meals consisting of protein, good fats and healthy carbs NO PROCESSED FOODS!

Introduce a couple of days intermittent fasting followed with 2 balanced meals. Allowing 16-18 hours before eating your first meal of the day gives the digestive system a rest & reduces your calorie intake for the day.

Stay active. Even if not through a specific fitness class, run etc etc then be conscious to keep your daily steps up.  Walk to the shops, to the train station, a walk in the woods with the dog or messing around with the kids – all count as part of your daily movement.

Exercise when your tired – when I say tired I mean lethargic. A hard day at work often triggers off a one track mindset – grabbing a glass of wine, feet up and doing nothing which again lead to poor mood.  BUT getting out and doing some exercise release the good endorphins and getting a sweat on will simply energise you in the long run.

Ditch the sugary quick fixes. Sometimes grabbing what you think is a healthy snack bar will simply open up the floodgates to snacking all day.

Brain dump, sleep, relaxation are all key to your mindset and wellbeing.  If we don’t address these things we become tired, anxious, stressed out, irritable and the list goes on …….. The big rocks are the ones that affect our decisions in life and ultimately poor food choices.

So write lists lists lists, take time out for YOU and get 7-8 hrs sleep a night whenever feasible.

Enjoy the week peeps & hope to see you on the next programme

Louise King

I’ve really enjoyed this programme, having done the 4 week lift lean in Jan which was really quite strict with the food and intense with the daily workouts I’ve actually seen better results this time around.

I like having a choice of workouts as if I’m not keen on doing one 2/3 times through I just pick an alternative to make up the time. Like you Malinda I found it difficult to keep up with the workouts every day what with two young kids and work 4 days a week. I didn’t beat myself up if I didn’t do it this time though as I knew that if I got to class a couple of times a week and kept on top of the eating I could at the very least maintain the weight.

Denise Campbell

Hi Lindsay, the Elevate program has been a hit for me. I’ve enjoyed the different options each week. Wednesday nights class was a challenge but a good one. I also liked the daily choice of online exercises. Results for me were 3kg weight & 4.5 ins loss. 

I’m ready for my trip to Australia to visit my son ✈️?❤️. Sorry but won’t be back to class till November ?. 
Thanks again Lindsay for your encouragement, endless energy & support xx

Malinda Young

I lost 2lb in weight and 5.5 inches in total. I’m really pleased with the inch loss but was hoping for a few more pounds to have gone! However I’m pleased because it’s still a loss. 

I had gestational diabetes in both pregnancies, so I’m high risk to develop type 2 at some point during the rest of my life. I’m not going to let this happen so Elevate/Lindsay has helped get my mindset on track for this. Having ‘wiggle room’ and not beating myself up about it is such a positive thing- allowing myself this has actually meant I’ve got back on track again much quicker than I would usually.

Jayne Williams

I love my fitness pal and will keep it up mon-fri, the daily coaching from Lindsay was invaluable and set me up for the day in the right mindset.
I wasn’t fab at the daily workouts but did add more daily walks in, regular daily small changes is the way forward for me 

Loved having a different theme each week too. The most challenging for me was to eat varied meals and to post in the group..

Thanks so much Lindsay, looking forward to the November Elevate

Nicola Bleinham

My measurements and weight stayed the same, however, overall I feel less bloated and more toned and my clothes feel looser.

I didn’t really want to lose too much weight, just tone up and I feel that I have achieved this. I also feel that my digestion problems are more under control now I eat cleaner and I think I have a better understanding on the food that triggers my ibs cramps.

Paula Trainer

I’m definitely more alert & my energy levels have improved. My sleep as also improved.

I found the daily coaching really useful. Maybe 7am is too early for some. It was okay for me as I’m at work by 7, but maybe 7.30am better. I definitely think mornings are better. 

I’ve booked on the November course so my goal is to continue with food food protocol that works best for me, along with tracking my inch loss. I’ve decided not to track my weight as it’s left me really disappointed each week. 

Thanks for your support Lindsay Williams

Joanna Soltu

So excited as I approach the end of the programme. Have lost 4lbs and although I didn’t take accurate body measurements at any point during the programme, I know I have lost mass as I can now fit into clothing that I couldn’t before! 

I’m feeling a lot fitter and more energetic and I am determined to keep up the regular exercise. Have also bought myself several keto recipe books to ensure I stay focused and motivated to keep going as I am loving the variety and naturalness of the food. Thanks Lindsay x


Lift Lean week 1 results. Weight: lost 2.2 kg 4.8 lbs. Mass: ? Lost total of 9cm 3.5”
Happy with that. ?

Need to work a bit harder on home workouts! ?️‍♀️ But wanted to do this program for general well being!
Getting back on track with healthy food, not over eating, drinking less alcohol, being more positive and ultimately getting fit.

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