Hello and Happy Sunday!

Today I thought I would talk about GLUTEN and why so many people are eating less of it! Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. In people suffering celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, this protein causes damage and inflammation to the intestines. Celiac disease & gluten sensitivity is on the rise, mainly due to a massive increase over the years in the amount of grain we eat, and the types of gluten filled processed foods that are widely available – particularly in the Western World. The wheat of today is farmed from nutrient depleted soils and is a result of “hybridization” – in other words, nothing like the grain we ate 100 years ago!

The benefits of eliminating or reducing gluten:    Encourages a healthier diet with less processed foods & higher quality grains like quinoa for example.Reverses inflammation and damage to the intestinal tract, promoting gut health.

Disadvantages of a gluten free diet:    Potential lack of fibre & essential nutrients if eliminating all grains. Poor alternative choices if choosing packaged and processed GF foods full of fats and sugars! Summing up, if you find yourself suffering with stomach issues, brain fog, fatigue or skin conditions, it might be that you are sensitive to gluten. Try cutting it out for a couple of weeks and see if there’s an improvement …. but do some research and fill your diet with NATURAL, nutrient rich foods, rather than buying from the GF aisles in the supermarket!

If you have NO digestive or other gluten related issues, then the chances are you don’t eat a huge amount of it anyway …it’s all about the balance and you might have that just about right already!


CLASSES – All classes are running this week with no venue change.

NEW CLASSES – So Lee will be joining us on Weds 16 October for another audition and with the intention of him starting a new class up towards the end of October. The classes are offering a more strength/conditioning based class as apose to the cardio element so we have a good mix on the timetable to suit everyone, not to mention switching up our training.  I would be looking to invest in some more equipment for the Thursday class.

I’ve done a recent poll on my Health Fitness & Wellness facebook page with regards to timings. For those of you not on facebook I’d appreciate your feedback via email:

Thursday 6.30-7.00am – Early Risers Body Blitz

Thursday 6-7pm – Lift Lean Strength & Core

Thursday 7.30-8.30 – Lift Lean (as above)

Weds 8-8.45pm – LBT Conditioning

WEDS FP VENUE FOR DECEMBER – so far I have Soper Hall, Caterham Valley and Sanderstead Cricket Club Limpsfield Road on hold for the Weds Fitness Pilates class during December.  I’m looking for something bigger but in hindsight December I’m predicting will be quieter but will keep you posted and thanks for all the suggestions.

CLOTHING – Ok lots of interest in the clothing this month so I’ll be putting another order in at the end of September.  As listed in last weeks email, the details as follows:

Leggings come in black long or three quarter length – £18

Print colours, white, silver, gold, blue, red or pink

Sweats come in black, cream, grey or baby pink – £20

Print colours, black, white, silver, gold, red, blue or pink

Loose fit vests come in black, white, royal blue, coral, baby pink, red – £12

Print colours same as sweats

Gluten Gluten Gluten

All orders please email to bookingstbf@gmail.com

Bacs payment to Lloyds TSB, Account Number 02907919, Sort Code 30-91-72

So, I think that covers all the nitty gritty…. Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll see you in class tomorrow starting with FP at Farleigh Golf Club.

Love Lindsay xx



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