There are mixed opinions about snacking. Some believe that it’s healthy, while others think it can harm you and make you gain weight.
Of course when we’re trying to loose weight we are trying to keep a check on our calorie intake so whatever we eat will add to our calorie intake for that day/week.
So I think it’s important we understand why we’re snacking and then decide whether this has become a habit over time, whether we are eating because we have a sugar dip leading to a craving. Or, are we snacking because our body truly needs more fuel to stay energised for the task ahead.
What I’m saying is that if you’re snacking in the day on sugary processed foods, these will no doubt be adding way too may calories to your day. Not only that, misleading your brain into thinking it’s hungry when in fact you it could be just a craving due to a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows.
I believe we shouldn’t strip sugar form our diets as there’s a place for all foods. There are many foods ie fruits that contain natural sugars and that we need for essential vitamins and other health benefits.
So perhaps the way forward is to look at eating natural sugars as appose to refined sugars. Crowding sugar with healthy fats, protein and good carbs will help reduce the cravings and give your bodies the balance it needs to function
Here’s a few tips to help you cut back on the unhealthy snacks:
Take temptation out of reach and fill your cupboards with healthy clean foods. Don’t stockpile which is hard right now but …..
Ensure you’ve started your day with a hearty breakfast and not one full of sugar. Try rolled oats, eggs or other sources of protein. These will keep you fuller for longer
Plan your meals to ensure you are eating enough but include protein, good carbs and fats
Eat slowly and mindfully. Switch off when you eat and take your time. Your brain takes 20 mins to register it’s full and the chewing process helps break down the foods which in turn aids digestion.
Keep healthy snacks in the fridge such as chopped veg and humus or try drinking fruit teas if you fancy something sweet.
So next time you reach for the biscuit tin – STOP and think
Are you really hungry or are you craving.