It’s a new a New Year, a new week and a new start.

Who’s starting a new fitness & health programme today/ Have you already set yourself a huge mountain to climb and feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my years of teaching fitness and coaching people through weight loss programmes, it’s that progress and results come with consistency and setting yourself realistic goals.  The Stepping Stone approach is exactly that.  It’s about finding balance and taking just one step at a time.  Expecting to fall off a step from time to time but learning to climb back on or even go back a few steps until you’ve found a balance that works for you.  Eventually you’ll pick up confidence, momentum and constancy that over time will take you to a smoother road ahead and meet your goals

This approach you can apply to any scenario, weight loss, work goals, fitness goals, personal goals, mental well being……  Falling off balance isn’t failure it’s a learning curve so it’s time to find a different mindset for 2021, decide where you want to take your health and embrace the journey ahead.

I’m here to help you with that journey, listen to your needs and get your health and wellbeing back in check.

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