SLEEP is a key part of ongoing good health.  It plays a huge part in how we function not only physically but our mental cognition.  But is sleep slowing down your weightloss results and why ? …………

Poor sleep is one of the big rocks we tackle in our Kick Starts health and wellness programmes.  Understanding the importance of sleep and implementing strategies to help you fall into a regular sleep pattern is invaluable when it comes to good health and weight loss.

Lack of sleep is part of a vicious circle and once it takes hold can trigger off other factors such as stress, poor food choices, mood swings, digestive problems but only to mention a few,   This in turn can affect any weight loss results you are aiming for.  Ideally you should be aiming for 7-8 hrs a night.

So if you struggle with sleep you may want to try some of the following:

No caffeine after lunchtime

Drink plenty of water before bed

Reduce your alcohol intake – this will only have you awake at 3am following a disruption in your sugar levels

Turn off all mobile devices at least 30 minutes before bed

A relaxing bath with bath salts, candles  before bed

Brain dump – write down everything that’s swirling around in your head so you can close the book and leave everything until the next day without worrying all night you’ll forget something

Read a book or put on some meditation/light music and practice long deep breaths lying on your back.  Taking a deep breath in through the nose so you are holding the air tight behind the rib cage for 5 seconds.  Release the breath and allow the body to relax into your bed.  Keep this going and it really does help send you into a good sleep.

Turn off all lights and sleep in a bat cave

If you are still struggling with sleep I would highly recommend Magnesium it really is a game changer for many people.  A good quality magnesium tablet form or use the spray.

Try some of these techniques and see if they work for you ..  and sleep well