An amazing turnout this morning for my first outdoor session.  Overwhelming support in huge numbers and it was so good to see how keen everyone is to keep going with their fitness still.  We carried out the class adhering to government guidelines with social distancing in terms of space, however having listened to yesterdays announcements and more importantly todays chat on LBC from a doctor working on the front line, it highlighted the fact that for me to continue teaching in groups of any sort at this time would be unfair and could impact on the health of others.  Yes it will have a huge impact on me moving forward as I will need to rely on everything going online, but your health is more important to me.

So as from Monday everything goes online in my LIVE STUDIO and community support hub.  The timetable will be slightly updated to include a variety of classes streamed live which you can perform or outside in your garden in the sunshine.  As well as the live classes there will be pre-recorded workouts to offer wider variety & I will be filming new content weekly.

I’ll be live coaching you regularly with health tips, recipe ideas and any other advice I feel will help you stay healthy both physically and mentally moving forward.  This will be our platform to support each other. I hope you will join me. If we can pull on a positive in this crazy world we’re currently in, let it be an exciting start to our very own little TBF community.

I’ll open up shop tomorrow so jump in as soon as you can and be ready for a Monday start.

Here’s the link

New September Class Timetable

A full list of weekly classes, Indoor, Outdoor and Online & Payment options

Bookings via the website here