Good evening everyone,

Right I’m up and running finally. It’s been an around the clock task but I think I’m there. Today sadly saw the last of my indoor classes but I feel it’s the right thing to do and in line of what is expected in terms of social distancing in confined spaces. In fact today we see the closure of gyms, theatres, restaurants and bars.

Good news though….While we can, I will be starting my outdoor fitness classes as of tomorrow. Today the government have shut down the restaurants, bars and leisure centre so already restrictions are being enforced. However, the advice is to encourage exercise amongst the community which is good for us. The advise if outside is to ensure social distancing is kept. Aprox 2 metres is advised so I will ensure I organise sessions accordingly.

This may change of course but for now whilst we can, (we have plenty of space) I feel it’s important we get outside in the fresh air and are able to enjoy the outside space.
So we kick off tomorrow (Saturday) with my first bootcamp session at 8.30am in Queens Park, Caterham. Saturdays will alternate between here and Whyteleafe Park

My aim is to run one outdoor session each day Monday-Saturday, and to cover a variety of times. The sessions will be adaptable to suit all fitness levels but rest assured the Whyteleafe Park Hill sprints will still be a focal point to a Saturday in Whyteleafe Park for those who want it !You will see I have also included on a Monday night a Strength & Track session at Queens Park. The track is small so again everyone can give this a go and might just give us a bit of a switch from the norm. One circular track so no one feels left behind and can work at their own pace.

The outdoor sessions are separate as I’m not sure how long we will be able to continue with the daily changes happening so fast. Sessions are £5 pay on arrival and of course you can use your March class pass to access these until the end of the month.

All info on the link below:


Everything is now up and running on the website with the options available online. I’ve thought long and hard about the best and least complicated way to do this and hope I’ve covered everything so that I am able to cater for you all. Bare with though as this is a big change for us all so I may need to iron out a few creases along the way.

Monthly Membership what does it include?

2 Live classes each day Monday – Thursday
1 Pre- recorded – Friday – Sunday
2 bonus workouts a week from Rachel Holmes
PLUS:7 day mini workouts per month
Daily motivation, challenges, recipes ideas & health tipsHow will it work?

Once you have joined via the PayPal button I will receive a notification and will invite you to join the private facebook group. If you don’t have a facebook account just create a fake one with a nick name perhaps. You’re then in and will see all my notifications of when I’m on live chatting or about to do a live workout. Having said that you will have a timetable of the live workouts, so just like class will be ready for it. If you miss it though you can do it in your own time, Once the group is up and running I’ll do a intro and show you how to navigate around the page and where you can find everything. i.e all the workouts will be in one place so you will always be able to find what you need at the click of a button.

Pre-recorded workouts also will be in one place. Everything else is just a platform for us to stay in touch and you can dip in and out as you wish although I really do hope we all get involved – I think we will need it.

ZOOM – heard of it?

I’m training up on this next week to have it up and running in the group very soon. This is so exciting…. It’s another way I can communicate with you all and see you all. Only I can see you though so don’t panic. I don’t think I’ll be live stream classes this way as don’t fancy seeing you in your pjs and trainers ! Anyway, it’s another platform I’m looking at and perhaps could do some 1-1 with anyone who fancies it

Anyway lots of ideas but that’s the Live Studio Community Support Hub in a nutshell

£30 a month which once you pay via the PayPal link it’s a re-occurring fee which will be taken at the same time each month. If at any time you want to cancel your membership you can of course. I would just ask you let me know as until I get a package in place that does the admin side for me, it’s down to me to physically add people to the group and remove if you decide or of course need to.

What happens if I miss the live streamed class?

it doesn’t matter you will find all the classes in the videos section of the group so you can do them at your leisure or even repeat the workouts another time.

What if I only ever do Fitness Pilates?
Ok so I have a few points I’d like to make on this one.

Firstly, I think we all need to look at the bigger picture moving forward and that perhaps the usual 1 or 2 fitness pilates may not be enough and actually to vary your training could be hugely advantageous for you.
Secondly, no doubt you’ll have other family members that may be able to take advantage of the additional workouts
Thirdly, apart from the workouts this group will be extremely valuable moving forward as a support network, our very own TBF community where you’ll not only receive healthy, tips, advice & challenges to keep you focused and on your toes, but also a platform you guys can keep in touch.

However, if you’re still not keen on joining the hub then there will be plenty of 7 day pre-recorded workouts I can package up and offer online. One of which is already up and ready for purchase.

My final offering is for anyone wanting just simple, quick and easy workouts. I have packaged up 10 different 7 day home workouts and will continue to film new content over the coming weeks and get them up on the website weekly. Simply click on the package you want to purchase and I’ll send you over the links.

Once I’m up and running with everything I’m going to look at this so watch this space …..So everyone, what do you think? Does is all make sense? Everything is up on the website so any questions fire them over this weekend. If you’re joining me in the Live Studio & Community Support Hub please do so this weekend so I can get you added to the group.

Here’s the link to the NEW TBF LIFELINE

Online Support

Love you guys xx

New September Class Timetable

A full list of weekly classes, Indoor, Outdoor and Online & Payment options

Bookings via the website here