Good afternoon everyone,

So how has week 1 been for you all? It’s such a strange time and will take some getting used to there’s no doubt about that. I think the key is structure as I’m sure you’ll agree.

This first week has no doubt been a lot of lazing about, perhaps a bit of comfort eating and drinking….. and for those working form home or unable to work, a massive shock to the system. House Party, Zoom and Facetime are no doubt in meltdown but what a fantastic way to stay in contact with loved ones and friends. I’m sure after this whole thing is over the world will have changed in many ways but if there’s one positive I think we will all pull from this it’s how important we are to each other and how precious the simple things in life are.

Anyway, with so much good advice out there I hope you’ve managed to find some sort of structure for the household and are ready to put a few things in place for next week. Remember getting into a rut of doing nothing will have a downward spiral effect not just physically or mentally. I’m 100% going to do everything I can do to help you get through these next few weeks/months so stay on board team and fingers crossed we will be back together soon.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by your support in my new Live Studio and support hub. There’s 97 of us in there so far so if you want to join us just follow the link for instructions. Anyone can join at anytime it’s a rolling membership from the time you make your first payment. This week we’ve had a real giggle in class, a few teething probs but think we’re there. We’re having our first zoom tester chat later over, no doubt a glass of wine or a gin with the view to do a few of the classes this way next week. I MISS YOU !!!!

Live classes are being streamed daily plus bonus pre recorded workouts and next week I’m delving into a bit of family fitness. A bake off at some point I’m hoping and more healthy tips and advice as we move through the week.

So everyone, here’s the timetable (plus bonus family fitness to be included) and the link to join.




Take care, stay safe and hope to see you all soon.

I’ll leave you with a short workout to be getting on with.

Lots of love

Lindsay xx

October Class Timetable

A full list of weekly classes, Indoor, Outdoor, Online

Payment options monthly or pay as you go for all classes plus jump in classes online

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