High Protein Smoothie
Having a breakfast high in protein (good protein) will keep you fuller for longer & stop you snacking throughout the morning.
For those of you consistently on the go and with little or no time to make a decent breakfast means grabbing food on the go.  OR, if you haven’t planned on skipping a meal you could find yourself in hangry mode which in turn will result in you overeating. 
Smoothies are a great way to start your day and here at Kick Start we are always looking for new recipe ideas to share with our groups. 
I love this one from Lizis kitchen.  A high protein smoothing using Granola and avocados. Avocados are super high in protein, so combined with  high protein granola you’ll end up with a smoothie that will keep you full of energy for hours!
* 2 handfuls of high protein granola (Lizi’s Kitchen)
* 1 ripe Avocado
* 6 cm Chunk of cucumber
* 1 handful Baby Spinach
* 2 tbsp Greek Yog
* 2 tsp Runny Honey
* 3 Glugs Cloudy Apple Juice
Put the granola into a blender and blend until it’s become a powder. Add all the other ingredients and blend until smooth. If it’s too thick for your taste, add a splosh or two more of apple juice.