Do ever find yourself so full of frustration you feel like you’re losing it?
Our bodies are designed to feel stress and have to responds to it. BUT…. Stress isn’t all bad and & although we want to try and reduce constant every day stress that chips away at us, in fact its thanks to the stress response we can live longer lives.
Stress can sometimes be our savior. Imagine crossing the street and a car is coming at you full steam ahead
Thanks to the stress response our heart starts racing, blood vessels constrict, and blood and hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and cholesterol are released throughout the body to prepare your muscles to move you fast and you conscious to focus on getting out of the way quick !
There’s nothing wrong with stress. The problem is when we are stressed too long too often it produces an overload in these hormones which in turn creates the body to start storing fat and It produces low grade inflammation that may lead to disease.
So finding time in your day to de-stress whether through exercise, relaxing, meditating ……. This has to become part of your weekly agenda.
What do you do to manage your stress?

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