We’re well under way with the summer break & with sunshine & holidays comes enjoying ourselves, relaxing & letting our hair down a bit 

Meals out, barbacues and a beer, gin or fizz in the summer sun 🍻☀️

Enjoying a balanced life is key to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. We can make healthy choices but sticking to the healthy choices can be quite a challenge.

Over time our choices become ingrained into our daily habits and it’s at that point  getting our nutrition & fitness back on track can be a real struggle.

So if you’ve found yourself reaching for the ice creams, pimms or beers just a little bit too frequently this summer🍦🍻🍹

Then try a few of these fat burning tips & make a start getting rid of some of those toxins🔥

1. Quick & Easy workout 👊Get up early, gear on & just get it done ! Don’t even think twice about hitting that snooze button

2. Drink an ice cold bottle of water ❄️after your workout & keep sipping through the day………

3. Grab a super cold shower 🚿– helps breakdown fat cells

4. Cut down on portion sizes & eat slowly – it’s an old but true rule of the book 📚

5. Do an intermittent fast. Give your body 16-18 hrs to rest & digest the last meal you ate. 8pm meal then wait until mid day the following day. Break your fast with a good meal consisting of protein and greens greens greens 🥒🥦🥗

6. Sleep like a baby. Get back on track with your sleep hygiene and go for 8 hrs.

7. Relax and find 10 minutes for you to meditate🙏🏻, walk🍃🌷,read a book 📚

These are just a few of the tools we use in my Kick Start programmes. Small changes make a big difference over time. It’s about finding a healthy balance, what makes you tick and no fad diets …..

Join me in September for my next💫Elevate journey. We’re just finalizing content & workouts next week & then details will be with you.

I can’t wait to deliver this one to you. It’s gonna be a BIG one ….. nutrition, fitness & lifestyle balance.

If you’re interested ping me an email or dm me & I’ll put you on the list for the early bird price.

Email me now to book your place 🙌


All classes running this week and at the usual venues.

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