Are you a lover of fruit?  Do you eat it every day or do you find it causes your gut to react?
As a Kick Start coach I find everyones tolerance to fruit differs.  Some can handle fruit every day and others have to limit it.  Fruit is full of amazing nutrients however it can sometimes cause discomfort in the gut.  Plus eaten to frequently, it can create big spikes in insulin levels. 🍏

it’s about getting a good balance and working out what is right for you.  Just a few of many factors it boils down to are needs, desires, tastes, age, gender, activity level, genetics, current health, current diet and environment…..
In our Kick Start programmes we don’t demonize foods nor glorify them, there’s no good food/bad food mentality.  It’s about finding what works for you and being aware of how foods affect you both physically and mentally.  Removing inflammatory foods from your diet (including natural sugars) ie fruit for a short period of time and allowing the gut to heal can sometimes be hugely beneficial when discovering how your body reacts to certain foods🍏

For me, too many acidic fruits cause my gut to swell so I tend to limit fruits and mainly add to smoothies.  I love berries 🍓🍓 & bananas 🍌🍌🍌

What’s your go to fruit? Comment below.


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