Seeing as hygiene is HIGH on the agenda let’s look at some natural hygiene methods to help our organs flush out the rubbish and cope better with infection.

Lungs – keep the window open at night (when everything gets repaired), to get fresh movement of air.  Also if you have the virus, this will hopefully help you ride out the fever.

Liver – hot water with lemon (or something bitter) on waking to wake the liver up and get our bile salts flowing

Kidneys – flush them to help clean the blood, drink plenty of water 2 ltres.  To hydrate yourself & retain water add a pinch of Himalayan salt to the water

Skin – Epsom salts helps draw rubbish out through the skin, 2/3 cup, lie there for 20 mins. Plus a great way to relax & de-stress

Lymph system – needs movement!  Exercise & stay fit on a daily basis


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