The minefield of supplements
Do you take supplements?
How do you know what your body is deficient in if at all?
Do you go by your symptoms & go into google overdrive to find the solution/preventative or cure?
Do you go on the advice of others (friends perhaps) based on your symptoms or what others may have suggested?
Do you even know you’re deficient yet have seen an advert promoting a supplement thinking you may as well take it anyway?
With so many supplements out there it’s difficult to know which direction to go in. Sooo much information can be overwhelming
We potentially run the risk of doing more harm than good if we’re going by hearsay & not by advice by a professional.
There is however one thing we can all do to ensure we are getting a good helping of vitamins, minerals, good fats and proteins.
Eating wholefoods and foods in their natural state will take you much further towards better health and that my friends is a great starting point.
My ‘go to’ supplements are Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B & Cod Liver oil and to be honest I have only been taking these for the last couple of years since I’ve hit my late 40s.
I’d love to hear your views on this…..
I found this article an interesting read …..

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