Another fab month of classes both outdoors and online. So where do we go from here? With announcements due on 17 May the fitness industry, along with many other businesses are crossing their fingers that another shift towards some normal life and re-building our businesses is around the corner.  Once the announcement is published it will then be a few days before we get confirmation and guidelines from the professional bodies as to how we proceed.

We all know things can change quickly so I’m not going to make any drastic changes in May and will be keeping the online classes and outdoor sessions the same for another month.

I will however be doing a few pop up Fitness Pilates sessions when/if the weather is warm enough so it will be lovely to see some of you back face2face.  This will give those of you with class passes a few more classes to choose from but will also mean those doing online only will still benefit from doing the class at home as I will continue to live stream.  If you’re undecided then simply go with the online only in May and pay as you go £5 when it takes your fancy.

I’ve made one change on the online timetable to bring back the step for this month as it was a popular one and was missed in April.  It will be basic and based on conditioning rather than heavy choreography.

I’ll be keeping the prices the same in May (all on the website) including the pay as you go £5 but this will go back to it’s original price in June once I have hall hire costs to cover.

So, check out the timetables and don’t forget to book your outdoor sessions via classfit and cancel when you can’t make it.  All payments for May are due by the end of the week Sunday 2 May or for those of you buying a monthly class pass you can also bring the cash to your first session.

Details for the May timetable – Online classes and Outdoor face2face along with how to book can be found on the home page.





I’ve had so many new enquires over the last few months about beginners classes. Although I offer options in the current classes as let’s face it, we are of all ages and abilities at TBF. It doesn’t mean anyone new to exercise or who have been out of action for a while will feel confident in joining.  In light of this I’ve decided to run a course of 8 classes (1 a week) focusing on the basic principles, technique and options needed to exercise safely and at a level that suits.  For instance:
Basic Strength
Basic Aerobics
Basic Fitness Pilates
Basic Conditioning
Basic HIIT
and so on…. Each week there will be a different class.  If the class proves popular I may run two courses.
I’ve started to talk about this on my social media platforms but would be really grateful if you could share the information to anyone you feel might be interested.  Details on costs, dates and times will follow in due course.  In the meantime here’s a short video I recorded early which you can share.
That’s it for this week folks. 2 more classes this month and then Saturday and Sunday we kick off May with bootcamp and Yoga Flow.  See you then and don’t forget Monday is a Bank Hols so it’s a day off for me and back to it Tuesday.  Pre-records are waiting!
Lots of love
Lindsay xx