So many weight loss programmes, no matter how it’s packaged as a positive thing, has a ring in it’s tone that we’re not good enough. I promote weight loss yes, it’s part of overall good health, but I’ve moved on over the years from allowing this to be the main focus in my programmes. I know now that strength, wellness & balance far outweigh skinny. PLUS….. we need to find a balance that adheres to our time in life and how our bodies react to foods, exercise & the stresses from everyday life.

Do you remember as a youngster looking in the mirror and wanting to be thinner like your friends or the girls on TV? Wanting smaller hips, a flatter tummy, thinner legs? Every time you walked in front of the mirror turning at all angles to see which angle served you best?
The list is endless isn’t it and now it’s even worse with the pressures and impact social media have on our kids to be skinny and beautiful for social acceptance. It’s not just the girls either, there are many boys who strive to look a certain way & feel under pressure to do so.

It’s utter rubbish and totally unhealthy and we need to make sure we educate ourselves and the next generation so that they’re aware of the health implications both physically and mentally excessive overeating and dieting can have on them. Bringing them into line with balance & how to enjoy all aspects of life and especially being aware of the basics when it comes to food groups and how they serve us best.

I’ve been looking into this in more depth recently and will be writing more about it in the coming weeks. PLUS …….. I’m currently working on a basic programme for kids to help them with all of this and so that they can implement simple daily changes to help boost their health, wellness & enhance their performance in certain sports.

I’d love to hear your thoughts ………

Watch this space

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