The benefits of strength training are pretty vast in terms of contributing to good health both physically and mentally.

This is something I’m looking forward to discussing in more depth in my next 21 day LIFT LEAN programme.

Today however let’s address how strength training can help with your weight loss goals. Weight loss is not always an easy process especially as we go through different stages in life and our hormones start to shift.

So how can it help….

Introducing strength exercises into your routine adds something different. We all know that hour-long runs or marathon Zumba sessions can get boring after awhile. By switching things up, resistance training lets you keep your personal fitness new and exciting. It’s a kind of mental change of scenery, increasing your performance and maintaining your motivation which in term will aid in your weight loss goals

For starters, weight lifting and muscle training makes your metabolism more effective. Over time, strength exercises increase your resting metabolic rate. This is the rate that your body burns calories when you’re not engaging in any kind of exercise at all. It is also determined by your muscle mass.

When you increase your muscle mass, you increase your body’s ability to burn calories. That coupled with diet and a decent amount of cardio and resistance training can actually help you lose weight

Increasing your strength giving you more muscle mass means a higher metabolism, it also helps you keep the weight off once you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

So, if you’re ready to try something new, switch things up, set yourself some new challenges and help hit some new goals join me in my next 21 day programme starting on Monday 16 November

Cost £40

What do you need: A set of dumbells, kettlebell and a foam roller

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