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Mid Section Meltdown
Mid Section Meltdown

7 - 14 Day ONLINE programme

Like the Rapid Fat Loss programme, Midsection meltdown will give you daily protocols that involve removing the inflammatory foods that cause the waistline to bloat & energy levels to dip.

This coupled & mini workouts that focus on the mid section to enhance results and increase tone.

This course includes:

  • Shopping list of foods and recipe ideas
  • Understanding carb cycling & fast days to compliment your training & fat loss results
  • Mindset and motivation videos to help you through your journey
  • Online daily support from my myself and other group members
  • Daily workouts posted to the live group



Next programme to be confirmed

To book your place & confirm payment email to totalbodyfitness4u@outlook.com

Payment via BACS:

Lloyds TSB



All classes running this week and at the usual venues.

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