Lift Lean Fire

Starts Monday 6 Jan 2020

Lift Lean Fire

Rapid Fat Loss

Lift Lean

Mid Section Meltdown

LBT Supercharge

Lift Lean Fire

Week 1


Time to cleanse the system & cut out the rubbish

Eating a wholesome, nutritious, protein-rich diet for 7 days cutting out sugars & eating in a calorie deficit to reduce bloating and inflammation.

7 day Meal and Juice Plan


5 BRAND NEW Lift Lean workouts designed to speed up your metabolism and shape up muscle tone

Week 2


Building on week 1 we fine tune your macro breakdowns, meal timings, frequency and energy expenditure.

Updated Nutrition Meal Plan


Lift Lean Specialist Workouts using Kettlebell and Band

Week 3


Building on week 1 and 2 Maximising Fatloss with nutritional tweaks and updates.

Working on cravings, hormonal balance, mindset and motivation.


Lift Lean Total Body With Weights & Bands

Week 4


Putting everything all together for a big 7 day push on habit change, diet review, increased fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility


Lift Lean Flexibility and Fitness Workouts

*Daily Live coaching in the Facebook group

*Weekly Meal Plans Recipes and Juice Recipes

*Weekly Shopping Lists and BEST BUYS.

*Daily mindset and motivation with coaching helping you maximise your time and energy.

*Fast Fitness Workouts for all levels – Beginners workouts included


Daily coaching , goal setting and individualised plans for your unique goals to include bespoke nutrition, help and support for women in the menopause phase of life.

Complete 30 Day Transformation
Cost £67
Early bird £55 before 20 December

To book please email

Payment via BACS:

Lloyds TSB




This weeks jump in class is Fridays Legs Bums & Tums - 9.30-10.15 am - cost £5