Elevate Autumn 2019

Lift Lean Fire

Rapid Fat Loss

Lift Lean

Mid Section Meltdown

LBT Supercharge

Elevate Autumn 2019
Elevate Autumn 2019

Elevate Autumn 2019

Into the second year of our new Kick Start Elevate programmes we’ve come so far with not only the nutrition & fitness side of health but working on the other big rocks that complete the whole package of ‘OPTIMUM HEALTH’

Elevate isn’t about demonizing foods, there’s no good food / bad food ethos. It’s about working out what makes you tick both physically and mentally to get you not only weight loss results but a positive mindset & healthy balance to life.

I’m so excited to bring you our most up to date programme this Autumn.  New to the Kick Start Lifestyle?

Here’s a brief explanation about Elevate

Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Programme For You To Be The Fittest, Strongest, Healthiest & Happiest of Your Life.

Be In The Best Shape Mentally & Physically At Any Age Of Your Life.

We are reaching for BIG GOALS in this years Elevate, making a huge commitment with the highest level of fitness programming, workouts and evidence-based nutrition for optimums health, vitality and happiness plus harnessing the power of tech enabling you to make the best choices to get you faster to your goals.

We are elevating your cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility with results-focussed 15 – 20 minute Home workouts.

Evidence-based nutrition BRINGS you bang up to date with the very latest food accountability apps so you can be totally in control and data driven should you choose to go down that route. .

If it is weight loss you are looking for, maintenance or balanced approach. Elevate will give you the tools to reach YOUR BIG Health goals harnessing the power of tech and accountability. OWN Your nutrition and Get The Results You WANT.

Live Daily Coaching five days a week in a live facebook group and learn life changing tips and hacks Including….

Changing & Upgrading Your Daily Habits, Hormonal balance, Food Behaviours, Emotional Eating, Comfort Eating, Late Night Nibbling, Eating When You are Not Hungry, Midsection Weight Gain, Menopause Weight Gain. Lost Mojos, Mental Fitness, Daily Destress, Living a Low Stress Lifestyle, Sleep, Cravings, 1 minute Meditations.

All covered in High-Performance Coaching 5 days a week.

Who Is Elevate For?
YOU if you are ready to make serious changes in your health and fitness.
YOU If you want to see BIG improvements in your health and fitness.
YOU If you want to follow a progressive and cutting edge programme.
YOU If you want to drastically improve your fitness levels and sort out your nutrition.

What Do You Need?
*Stability Ball
*Activation Band

Starting Monday 9 September running until Friday 6 December

Elevate is made up for 3 progressive programmes

Elevate,  Accelere, Activate


4 weeks Elevate

Elevate Your Fitness, Strength, Nutrition and Mindset.
Be The Fittest, Strongest, Healthiest and Happiness Month.
September is about Elevating Your Fitness and Nutrition.

Week 1
NEW Faster Fitness – Including Cardio & Strength 20 Minute Workouts.
Weight loss fundamentals and foundations
Rapid Fat Loss & Summer Detox.
Week 2
New Midsection Meltdown week
New workouts and midsection nutrition protocol
Habits, Stress and Emotional Eating.
Week 3
ACTIVATION Band & Lift Lean Workouts.
Hormones, Working With Your Body For Optimum Results
Week 4
Super HIIT Tabata and EMOM Workouts Increasing Fitness and Strength.
Nailing your nutrition week.


4 week Accelerate

Building on your results from September and taking you to the next level

Week 1
15 minute Bootcamp Workouts.
Refocus on Goal Setting
Week 2
X Training Workouts week
Balance within nutrition, goals and social life.
Week 3
Barefoot Conditioning
Try new barefoot training workouts
Week 4
Accelerate Workouts to finish October STRONG
Personalise your nutrition and eating plans.


Unlock your potential and apply advanced techniques and methods to your training, nutrition and mindset.

Week 1 ACTIVATE Core workouts
Week 2 ACTIVATE Full Body Fitness
Week 3 ACTIVATE Challenge workouts
Week 4 ACTIVATE Lift Lean


Plus Low option workouts for beginners and Fitness Pilates Freestyle Fitness Yoga,Meditation and Brainfit options every month.

Cost –  £127.00

SUPER EARLY BIRD – £119 (if booked before 25 August)

PLUS A digital kick start cook book (slow cooker meals OR 10 min recipes)


Daily workouts

Recipe ideas & meal plan options

Live coaching in a PRIVATE facebook group 5 days a week

Daily nutritional instructions & easy to use apps to guide you through the process

NEW digital starter handbook to get you ready for the 2nd September

PLUS £5 off either an unlimited or 8 class monthly class pass purchased during the 12 weeks

For Optimum health the 12 weeks will allow you to get a handle on what works for YOU and maximise your results for longevity & amazing weight loss results.

All Elevate bookings also receive a £5 discount on their monthly class pass.

To book your place email me direct on totalbodyfitness4u@outlook.com



Fitness Pilates via Zoom every Monday & Wednesday at 9.30am Thursdays 7.00pm